Ghetto Balboa

Proje Description

Ghetto Balboa, a feature-length documentary film debuting and in competition at the 2018 Sarajevo International Film Festival, is a highly artistic effort to capture the break-out of a young Roma boxer and his coach, a former convict, from the slums of Budapest.

A former mafia man of the infamous Budapest Ghetto has been teaching boxing to the poor young children of the neighbourhood for the past eight years. One of his students fights his way up to box for a world championship belt. He receives the chance to prove his fellows that there may be a way out of the ghetto.

Producer: Gábor Ferenczy, Ildikó Kosztolni
Co-Producer: László Józsa, Attila Ponczók
Director: Árpád Bogdán
Assistant Producer: Loránd Balázs Imre
Post Producer: Erika Köcsky
Cinematographer: Róbert Bordás
Video Editor: Csaba Hernáth, Péter Politzer

Awards and Nominations:

Winner: Ake Dikhea? Festival of Romani Film, Best Film, 2018
Award: Beijing International Film Festival Documentary Sector, Honorary Works by the Judging Panel, 2019
Hungarian Film Awards: Best Documentary, Best Cinematography
Sarajevo Film Festival, Nominee Heart of Sarajevo, Best Documentary, 2018
Vukovar Film Festival, Nominee Golden Barge, Best Documentary, 2019
Sofia Independent Film Festival, 2018
Tehara Film Festival, 2018
Budapest International Documentary Festival, Competition, 2019
Ethnografilm Festival, 2019
Wales International Documentary Festival, Competition, 2019
Belgrade International Documentary Film Festival, 2019
Shanghai International Film Festival
Vukovar Film Festival, Competition, 2019
Madrid International Film Festival, Competition, 2019

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Proje Details

Tags: Documentary

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