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Ultra, an HBO Europe Documentary, a feature-length documentary film shortlisted for the European Film Awards in 2017. This is a unique journey into the pasts, hearts and minds of ultra distance runners embraced by the running director. Their dream and burden is to finish an extreme running race to test their limits, heal their souls and release their demons.

Director: Balázs Simonyi
Producer: Balázs Simonyi, László Józsa, Hanka Kastelicová, Anna Závorszky
Line Producer: Nóra Alföldi, Leonidas Liambeys
Co-Producer: Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof
Associate Producer: Loránd Balázs Imre
Musician: Balázs Alpár
Cinematographer: Csaba Hernáth, Zoltán Lovasi, Bálint Nagy, Balázs Révész, Balázs Simonyi, Gergely Vass, Márton Vízkelety
Co-Cinematographer: Güven Zararsız

Awards, Nominations and Festivals:

Sarajevo Film Festival, Heart of Sarajevo Nominee, Best Documentary, 2017
Trieste Film Festival, Alpe Adria Cinema Award Nominee, Best Documentary, 2018
Vukovar Film Festival, Golden Barge Nominee, Best Documentary, 2018
European Film Award, Shortlisted for Best Documentary, 2017
Silver Eye Award, Best Documentary, 2017
Ulju MFF, South Korea-Grand Prize, 2018
FICA, Silver Achilles, 2018
Visions du Réel, International Première, 2017
Münich DOKfest, 2017
Krakow International Film Festival, 2017
Cinefest (Hungary), 2017
Minsk International Film Festival, 2017
Man in Danger Lodz, 2017

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Tags: Documentary

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